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A branded mobile application with a user-friendly web-interface for the administrator
Schedule of the event, description of speakers, distribution of sessions over different rooms
The "mini-apps" let you add your existing web apps (live broadcast, chats, votes etc.) to your mobile app
Private event access and communication with participants using push notifications
All event materials in one convenient mobile application
Participate in polls, take tests and ask questions to speakers online
Create your personal schedule and manage it easily
Get notified with important information from event organizers

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How does it work?

Create your mobile application 🎉

  1. Input your event name, date and click the "Build app for free" button
  2. Upload your event logo and app background image
  3. Customize the app with your brand color and font
création événement

Add the schedule of your event 📅

  1. Introduce speakers and distribute them to sessions
  2. Create event rooms and distribute sessions to them
  3. Add general information to the main page of the application using mini-apps
  4. Schedule push notifications with important information to attendees
création planning événement

Customize every session 🌈

Using mini-apps, you can add any functionality to the session. For example:

  • votes and speaker questions from Slido and SurveyMonkey
  • live streams and videos from youtube
  • Kahoot tests and Wooclap presentations
  • any html code using the editor and any web page
  • Google Forms, Google Maps etc.
application conférence personnalisable

Run mobile app 🚀

  1. Follow one of the links and download the
  2. Use the search bar to find your event and check it out
  3. Download the QR code from the "Access my event" page and send it to the participants

You can see an example of a test event using the qr-code:

QR code example
planning conférence


No subscription needed, one time per event fee


  • 50 users
  • 1 day of event
  • 1 room
  • 2 mini apps
  • 2 speakers
  • 1 push notification
  • Unlimited agenda entries
  • FAQ


  • 250 users
  • 1 day of event
  • 2 rooms
  • 3 mini apps
  • Private access
  • 10 speakers
  • 5 push notifications
  • Unlimited agenda entries
  • FAQ and mail


  • 500 users
  • Up to 3 days
  • 10 rooms
  • 10 mini apps
  • Private access
  • Unlimited speakers
  • 10 push notifications
  • Unlimited agenda entries
  • FAQ and mail


  • Up to 2500 users
  • Up to 5 days
  • Up to 50 rooms
  • Up to 50 mini apps
  • Private access
  • Unlimited speakers
  • 50 push notifications
  • Unlimited agenda entries
  • FAQ and mail
  • 1 extra day –
  • 1 extra mini-app –
  • 1 extra speaker –
  • 100 extra users –
  • 1 extra room –
  • Private access –
  • 5 push notifications –

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